Perfect UK Fake Tag Heuer Single Button Chronograph Ref.2403 Watches

AAA UK TAG Heuer replica watches’ heritage in the field of chronographs not only runs deep but also goes back for more than a century. Already around 1880, the firm was making this complication, and this rare single button Ref.2403 from about 1930 shows that they were also among the first to introduce it in wrist fake watches for sale. What makes this watch even more remarkable is the refinement with which it is made.

The enamel dial is a true eye-catcher. Not only because this material gives such a distinct gloss to the dial when the light moves over it, but also the way 1:1 top replica Tag Heuer watches designed it. The center is dedicated to regular timekeeping, with beautiful Arabic numerals cut in by two relatively modest subdials. The perimeter is used for an extensive tachymeter scale. Heuer cleverly used three different colors to differentiate them. By doing so, it allows the owner of the high quality copy watches to measure speeds as slow as 20 kilometers per hour. To keep track of which scale you need to look at, there are three colored blocks at the minute counter to tell you this. An inventive way that also happens to look very good. Luxury Tag Heuer replica watches is powered by a manual wind movement supplied by the renowned movement manufacture Landeron.

By today’s standards, is this Swiss made super clone Tag Heuer Ref.2403 watches small, measuring only 32.5mm in diameter. However, its distinct vintage charm makes for the perfect statement piece. With the right strap, and most certainly in combination with a fine vintage sports car, it has an undeniable appeal. The enamel dial, combined with the blued Breguet hands, and the single button for the chronograph make it stand out in sophistication. This particular best replica watches is also very well preserved, especially given the fact that it is almost 90 years old.

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